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10 Fresh European Yoga Festivals Not to Miss This Summer DOYOUYOGA.
This massive festival draws 2000 participants from Europe and beyond for 8 days of Kundalini and other activities inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Programs include kundalini yoga, childrenaposs; yoga, meditation, yogic philosophy, vegetarian cooking and diet, as well as healing, martial arts and dance in the yogic tradition.
Festival de Kundalini Yoga Musique 2019.
Le Festival de Kundalini Yoga Musique Oberlethe est organis par le Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy et soutenu par Sat Nam Europe, et a lieu sous le patronage de 3HO Deutschland e.V., l'association' des enseignants de Kundalini Yoga en Allemagne.
Festival européen de Kundalini Yoga 2016 Kundalini Yoga.
Festival européen de Kundalini Yoga 2016. Et voici quelques photos du Festival européen de Kundalini Yoga 2016: une sadhana matinale, un petit échauffement avant le Tantra Blanc, un déjeuner jour de Tantra, et, snif snif, le dernier déjeuner avant le départ.
Kundalini Yoga Festival Nederland Kundalini Yoga Nederland.
Wat is kundalini yoga? Kundalini Yoga Festival Nederland. Welkom / Kundalini Yoga Festival Nederland. 19 december maandag. Kundalini Yoga Festival Nederland. 19 december 2019, 1600: 23 december 2019, 1100.: Kasteel De Berckt, De Berckt 1. Baarlo, Limburg 5991 PD Nederland.
Yoga et Ayurveda Festival international Atlantide.
Le Kundalini Yoga Devenir instructeur. Les Villes Saintes de lInde du Nord avril 2019 vacances de Pâques. Le karma, on en parle. Philosophie et yoga. Chanter des mantras. Yoga et Ayurveda Festival international. LADAK et HIMALAYA monastères et immensité du 10 au 24 août 2018.
KY Festival China Ajai Alai Awakening.
European Kundalini Yoga Festival 2018 Sacarmi.
Move Meditate Retreat 2013 in Portugal. European Kundalini Yoga Festival 2018. July 28, 2018. About 2000 people from Europe and some from Africa, Asia, America, etc. come together in a natural environment to practice 8 days of Kundalini Yoga and other activities related to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, including 3 days of White Tantric Yoga.
Enter Joy: Kundalini Yoga Festival in the Netherlands 3HO Foundation.
Enter Joy: Kundalini Yoga Festival in the Netherlands. The Dutch Association of Kundalini Yoga Teachers organize for the first time a Kundalini Yoga Festival in the Netherlands. On the weekend of 11 to 13 November 2011 the first Kundalini Yoga Festival in the Netherlands will be held.
3 Awesome Kundalini Yoga Festivals and Retreats Spirit Voyage Blog.
Looking back at pictures from the 11.11.11 Kundalini Yoga and Music Festival, its easy to feel a bit jealous. The amazing setting, the live music, and wonderful classes must have been a life-changing experience for all who were fortunate enough to be there.
Kundalini Yoga Festival AllAboutFestivals.
3rd Kundalini Yoga Festival. Twenty Kundalini Yoga Teachers from Greece, Italy, Spain, Taiwan and Russia invite you to the 3rd Kundalini Yoga Festival on February 24-25 12.00-19.30 at the Cube Kleisovis 8-metro station Omonoia and at Empsichosis Koletti 42 metro station Omonia.
Festivals de Yoga Ecole de Kundalini Yoga à Paris, France.
Le 10ème festival annuel francophone de Kundalini yoga organisé par la Fédération Française de Kundalini Yoga FFKY aura lieu à Château Anand, près de Poitiers, là où 3HO Europe a choisi daccueillir progressivement toutes les grandes manifestations du Kundalini Yoga en Europe.

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